Hazardous Household Waste Collection Events – REGISTRATION REQUIRED


The public can register through their webpage. 


Act 57 Local Tax Collection for New Homeowners

Act 57 Amending the Local Tax Collection Law

Act 57 allows new homeowner taxpayers who fail to receive a tax notice during their first year of occupancy to apply for a waiver from penalties, fees, and additional costs from the tax collector. In order to qualify, the taxpayer has to (1) attest they did not receive the notice; (2) provide proof of the property’s transfer within the last 12 months; (3) provide a waiver request to the tax collector; and (4) provide payment of the face value of the taxes.  The Pocopson Township Board of Supervisors enacted Resolution 2022-25 implementing Act 57 and providing additional information regarding the waiver. The waiver goes into effect for the 2023 tax year going forward and does not apply for 2022. The State Department of Community and Economic Development created a waiver form for taxpayers to submit to the tax collector.

The waiver request link is: Act 57 of 2022- Request for Waiver of Additional Charges: Real Estate Taxes

How do I obtain a building permit?

Pocopson Township requires building permits for most construction projects. These permits are required to ensure that all construction activities meet the requirements of the ICC Building Codes required by law.

The Township Building Inspector is in the office on Mondays and Thursdays only, and the Zoning Officer works for Pocopson on as as-needed basis. Please allow at least two weeks for processing of a permit application. If any construction begins before a permit is issued and paid for, the permit fees will be doubled.

A non-refundable fee of $25.00 must be included when a building permit application is submitted. This charge is subtracted from the final permit fee that is due when the permit is picked up.

A building permit application must be signed by the landowner /applicant. If the applicant is NOT the landowner, a written statement indicating that the applicant will act as agent/ representative is required.

PLEASE NOTE: The Township requires two (2) copies of a plot plan showing your setbacks, your construction prints, and the estimated cost of your project. Your application cannot be approved without setback information. For more information, please visit Pocopson Forms and Permits

Is public transportation available in Pocopson?

Bus service in Pocopson Township is very limited. The Southern Chester County Organization on Transportation (SCCOOT) bus route follows Route 52 through Pocopson, but service in the area is noted to be “limited” with only Pocopson Home identified as a stop. SEPTA provides bus service in West Chester, with connections to various destinations. The service runs Monday through Saturday.

An additional bus service available to Pocopson Township residents is Rover, a reservation based, countywide transportation service. The bus operates on weekdays and on a limited basis on weekends. The service focuses on senior citizens, medical assistance card holders, and persons with disabilities. Fares for those riders are partially subsidized. Service to the general public is full fare and based on availability. The service is currently operating approximately 65 shuttles daily throughout Chester County.

An additional transportation option for Pocopson residents is Rainbow Cab, which operates out of West Chester (610) 696-6060. Rainbow Cab participates in the Senior Shared Ride Program, in which seniors pay 15 percent of the regular fare. Advance registration in the program is required, as are reservations.

Useful transportation links

Ride Guide
SEPTA Regional Rail Schedules
Transportation Management Association of Chester County (TMACC)

What materials are recycled in Pocopson Township?

Section 174-20 of the Township Code outlines residential recycling requirements in Pocopson. Residents must separate recyclable materials from other waste. Recyclables include:

  • metal food and beverage containers and empty aerosol cans
  • clear and colored glass
  • plastics #1-3, 5 and 7 (look for the number inside the triangular recycling symbol on the bottom of the container)
  • newspapers, magazines, and mixed paper
  • cardboard, boxboard (such as cereal boxes), clean pizza boxes
  • Items that are not accepted include plastic supermarket bags, Styrofoam, and cardboard containers with a waxy coating (such as refrigerated orange juice cartons).
    A detailed list of recyclables is available here.

All trash haulers operating in Pocopson are required to collect these recyclable items, which can be co-mingled in one recycling container placed curbside for pickup.

In addition, area residents may drop off recyclables behind the Township Building at 740 Denton Hollow Road, where five large metal bins are emptied weekly by SECCRA. Plastic bags jam the sorting equipment at recycling facilities; so if you transport your recyclables in plastic trash bags, please empty the recyclables into the bins, take the used bags home, and either use them again (if they’’re in good shape) or put them in the trash. If the bins are full, please return at another time. Do not leave recyclables outside the bins.

How do I register my children for school?

Pocopson Township is part of the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District. View registration information here.

Do I need a Certificate of Occupancy for the resale of a residential property?

No, Pocopson Township does not require an occupancy inspection for resales.


Where are the walking and hiking trails in Pocopson Township?

Pocopson Township has an extensive trail system. There are trails within the Township parks, within and connecting residential neighborhoods, and within the Brandywine Valley Association (BVA) property. The trails are typically on public lands or provide for public use through an easement. Most of the trails are unpaved, with limited areas of paved trails around the Riverside neighborhood and most trails within Pocopson are gravel, but there are sections of paved trails. Click here for the recent Pocopson Trail Map.

Where can I purchase reflective address signs for my home?

In an emergency, just a few minutes could make the difference between life and death. Can your address be seen clearly and easily by emergency responders, especially at night? Consider installing a reflective number address sign that can be seen clearly in day and at night. Longwood Fire Company sells these reflective signs for $15.00. Call 610-388-6880 for more information.

How often must I pump my on-site septic system?

Who do I call to pump my on-site septic system, and how often should this service be performed?

Most homes in Pocopson have on-site septic systems rather than public sewers. The Chester County Health Department’s Owners’ Manual for On-Lot Sewer Systems provides useful information on care and maintenance of your system.

Pocopson Township residents are required to have their septic tanks pumped out at least once every three years. Please provide a copy of the receipt to the Township, showing the date of septic tank cleanout, the amount pumped, and the name of the hauler. Chester County maintains a list of licensed Liquid Waste Pumpers.