Zoning Hearing Board – Gamble

10-24-23 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


NOTICE is hereby given that the Zoning Hearing Board of Pocopson Township will hold a Public Hearing at the Pocopson Township Municipal Building, 664 South Wawaset Road, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 19382, on October 24, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. at which time the Board will hear the following matter:

Application of Raymond P. Gamble and Terry J. Gamble, concerning property owned by Sheila Bowie, seeking: (i) a special exception pursuant to Zoning Ordinance Section 250-19.C.(4) to permit building coverage exceeding 10% but less than 20% on a pre-existing parcel that is less than 2 net acres in area so as to increase existing building coverage from 7.8% to 13%; (ii) a special exception pursuant to Ordinance Section 250-87.M.(3) to allow modification of the natural resources conservation standards outlined in Section 250-87.B.(8) and Section 250-87.D.(1)(b) to permit greater than 25% disturbance of steep slope margins on the property so as to disturb approximately 47.6% of the 3,336 square feet of steep slope margins; (iii) a variance from Ordinance Section 250-86 to permit an individual on-lot sewage system on a lot having less than the required 20,000 square feet of contiguous area; (iv) a variance from Ordinance Section 250-17.D.(5)(b) to permit an individual on-lot sewage system with only one drainage field; (v) a variance from Ordinance Section 250-85.D.(1) to permit expansion of the existing nonconforming building by approximately 90%, where 50% is the maximum permitted, so as to allow an addition of 930 square feet of habitable floor area for a total of 1,973 square feet of habitable floor area; (vi) a variance from  Ordinance Section 250-85.D.(2) to permit expansion of the existing nonconforming building without complying with the requirements of Zoning Ordinance Section 250-86; (vii) a special exception to allow the enlargement of a lawful nonconforming building on a lawful nonconforming lot, pursuant to Ordinance Section 250-85.D(3); and (viii) a variance from Ordinance Sections 250-17.C.(9) and 250-19.C.(5)(b) to allow the construction of a deck partially within the required front yard setback, but no closer to the road than the existing dwelling, and such other relief as may be required so as to permit an addition to the existing dwelling, and deck, replacement of the septic system, and reconfiguration of the existing driveway on property located at 1861 Lenape Road, West Chester, PA (UPI #63-3-145) in the Township’s RA-Residential Agricultural District zoning district.

If you are a person with a disability and wish to attend the public meeting scheduled above and require an auxiliary aide, service or other accommodation to participate in the proceedings; or if you wish to participate remotely, please contact Susan Simone at 610-793-2151 to discuss how Pocopson Township may best accommodate your needs.

Edward M. Foley, Solicitor B
rutscher, Foley, Milliner, Land & Kelly, LLP