Administration and Finance


The Township Administrative Secretary acts as the liaison between the residents of the township and the Board of Supervisors. The Secretary handles subdivision and land development requests, manages the Township Office, maintains township records, and serves as the Township’s Open Records Officer. The Secretary also facilitates communication among members of the volunteer boards and commissions, Township staff, various professional consultants, and internal and external township stakeholders.

The Township Treasurer is responsible for all financial aspects of township operations. With the authorization of the Board of Supervisors and coordinating with other staff, the Treasurer develops and administers the annual budget, engages in long-term capital planning, and safeguards the Township’s long-term financial health.

Property Taxes
Pocopson’s property tax rate is 2.2 mills, which is distributed as follows in 2020:

  • 1.0% for open space
  • 0.475% for general Township operations
  • 0.45% for fire
  • 0.275% for ambulance and emergency services

Pocopson Township does not collect taxes in-house. The Chester County Treasurer collects Pocopson Township real estate taxes. Tax bills are sent out by February 1.

At their May 18 meeting, the Board of Supervisors extended the face period for payment of 2020 municipal real estate taxes to 12/31/2020. This extension is ONLY for 2020 as an accommodation to the Covid-19 situation, and taxes not paid by 12/31/20 will be liened.

For tax certifications, please click here.

The Chester County Treasurer also collects County real estate taxes. Tax bills are sent out on or before January 31.

Tax bills are normally sent to the owner of record (property owner). However, if your property is mortgaged, one of two events can occur:

  • Electronically Billed: If the mortgage company (or a tax service company working on behalf of the mortgage company) has arranged for electronic billing, then the bank/mortgage/service company receives the bill electronically. The property owner’s payment is paid out of escrowed funds withheld during the mortgage payment process. The property owner does not receive a copy of the bill.
  • Billed by Mail: The tax bill is sent to the property owner, who is then responsible for sending the bill to the mortgage company for payment.

Unionville-Chadds Ford School District collects the school district real estate tax. They can be reached at 610-347-0970 (Option #4).

Earned Income Tax

Keystone Collections Group collects the Earned Income Tax (EIT) for Pocopson Township and for all Chester County municipalities and school districts. Click here for information how and when to file your annual EIT return with Keystone.

For general tax information, please contact the Township Treasurer, Peggy Lennon, at or 610-793-2151.

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Township Budget

The Board of Supervisors will consider adoption of and act on the Proposed 2021 Budget at their November 23 meeting.

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2020 Annual Budget at their November 25, 2019 meeting

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2019 Annual Budget at their November 26, 2018 meeting

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2018 Annual Budget at their November 27, 2017 meeting

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2017 Annual Budget at their November 28, 2016 meeting

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2016 Annual Budget at their December 14, 2015 meeting.

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2015 Annual Budget at their December 8, 2014 meeting.

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2014 Annual Budget at their December 2, 2013 meeting.

The Board of Supervisors approved the 2013 Annual Budget at their December 17, 2012 meeting.

Annual Audit
By annual resolution, the Board of Supervisors appoints a firm of certified public accountants to perform the annual audit in place of the Township’s elected auditors.

View the 2019 Summary Financial Statement and the 2019 Audit.

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