Board of Supervisors

The Pocopson Board of Supervisors plays a central role in the township government. The general powers of the Supervisors are granted by Article 15 of the Pennsylvania Second Class Township Code.

The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the general governance of the Township, execution of sound fiscal management, and securing the health, safety and welfare of residents. As the legislative body, they set policy, enact ordinances, and adopt budgets. The Supervisors are responsible for land development, maintenance of Pocopson’s infrastructure and equipment, and stewardship of of its natural resources.

2020 Board of Supervisors:
Ricki Stumpo, Chair
Elaine Di Monte, Vice Chair
Raymond McKay, Supervisor

The Board of Supervisors will meet once per month in 2020. Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m., with these exceptions in 2020:

  • March meeting will be held on March 23
  • May meeting will be held on May 18
  • June meeting will be held on June 22
  • August meeting will be held on August 24
  • September meeting will be held on September 21
  • November meeting will be held on November 23
  • December meeting will be held on December 14

The Board has scheduled work sessions for the Wednesdays prior to each meeting, to be held as needed. Work session agendas will be posted on the Township website and building bulletin board in advance of any actual work sessions.

Guidance for Remote Meetings
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Pocopson Township has implemented the GoTo Meeting platform for public township meetings. GoTo Meeting supports up to 250 participants and includes audio/video and chat features from your laptop as well as dial-in connectivity from your phone. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the collaboration technology, including your laptop audio/video setup, for a productive experience during the meetings. A few meeting etiquette pointers:

  • All participants should remain on mute, to prevent background noise.
  • The Township will mute all participants until public comment is open or when comment is requested for agenda topics
  • You may also utilize the chat feature if you wish to ask a question
  • Be sure to enter your full name (i.e., Dad or Microsoft PC User are not good attendee names) when accessing GoTo Meeting from your laptop. This enables us to quickly identify a specific participant who needs to present or respond to a topic.
  • For participants calling in on phones, we just see Caller 01, Caller 02, etc. We won’t know who you are until you identify yourself when you begin to speak.
  • Sound quality is generally better when people call in on the phone. For people who are planning to participate in active discussions, we suggest you dial in rather than speaking through video. You can still use video, but will need to mute your computer audio to avoid echoing.
  • Make sure your microphones are clear as we’ve had issues with poor sound quality from a few participants.
  • If your internet connectivity is poor, consider turning off your webcam.

Overutilization during high demand periods can affect the technology. If you suddenly lose audio and/or video, please try logging in or calling in again. If you can’t be heard when you wish to speak, please call the Township at 610-793-2151, 610-793-9390, or text to 484-947-9381.

Supervisor Calendar
Board minutes – Current year
Board minutes – Archived

Pocopson Winter 2019 Newsletter

Click here to send a message to the supervisors.

View the presentation boards from the October 23, 2018 Work Session on Facilities Improvement Options:

GKO Associates project overview and architectural renderings
Financial information
Friends of Barnard Station board

The boards are available for review at the Township Office, 740 Denton Hollow Road, during normal business hours (9-12, Monday to Friday).

The boards can also be viewed outside of normal business hours. Please call 610-793-2151 to set up an appointment.